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EASA AR200-2021: Guide For The Repair Of Dry-Type 变形金刚

  • 2021年8月
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EASA announces the publication of an update to AR200,现在命名为 Guide For The Repair Of Dry-Type 变形金刚. This guide outlines best practices for the repair of dry-type 变形金刚.

EASA AR200: Guide For The Repair Of Dry-Type 变形金刚EASA members adopt a customer service-centered mission encompassing various electrical apparatus repairs such as electric motors, 变形金刚, 控制, 电气故障排除和构造. cq9网站的 技术服务委员会 最近审查和广泛编辑的 AR200 guide in support of transformer repair services.

之前的版本 AR200 (2011年出版)的题目是 Guide For The Repair Of Power And Distribution 变形金刚. 像之前的版本, it embraced a broad scope of transformer repair that included liquid-filled distribution or power 变形金刚 up to 10 MVA and 69 kV and dry-type distribution and power 变形金刚 up to 5 MVA and 25 kV.

在准备这次更新时, the 技术服务委员会 chose to narrow the scope to the types of transformer repair activities usually found in EASA service centers (i.e., non-liquid-filled distribution dry-type 变形金刚 with high voltage windings up to 69 kV and rated less than 15,000 kVA). 毕竟, liquid-filled transformer repair and service is a specialty few members offer, with m任何 standards and best practices differing from those for dry-type 变形金刚. In recognition of cq9网站的 international membership, the updated procedures in the new version now reference both IEEE and IEC standards.

Non-members can purchase a downloadable PDF from EASA's online store.


Besides being helpful to the transformer repair and service efforts in m任何 EASA service centers, it continues to position EASA as the definitive source for best practices in the electrical apparatus repair industry.

AR200 guide was an effort of the AR200 Task Group and cq9网站的 技术服务委员会, thanks also go to EASA members who offered their comments and expertise. With a view of continual improvement as industry standards evolve, we welcome your feedback.


  • 第一节一般
    • 1.1目的
    • 1.2适用范围
    • 1.3识别
      • 1.3.1记录
      • 1.3.两个铭牌
      • 1.3.3服务中心标签
    • 1.状态评估和失效分析
    • 1.5清洗
    • 1.6终端
      • 1.6.1领导
      • 1.6.2连接
      • 1.6.3个附件
    • 1.7配件
    • 1.八幅画
    • 1.9包装运输
  • 第二节变压器试验
    • 2.1安全注意事项
    • 2.2仪器校准
    • 2.3绝缘状态测试
      • 2.3.1绝缘电阻测试
      • 2.3.2极化指数测试
      • 2.3.3绝缘功率因数测试
    • 2.4其他测试
      • 2.4.1绕组电阻测试
      • 2.4.2变压器匝数比(TTR)试验
      • 2.4.3极性测试
      • 2.4.4空载损耗试验
      • 2.4.5负载损失试验
      • 2.4.6单相阻抗测试
    • 2.5高潜力的测试
      • 2.5.1 50/60赫兹高电位测试
      • 2.5.2直流高压试验
      • 2.5.3高频感应电位测试
      • 2.5.4测试等级、绕组
  • 第三节复卷变压器
    • 3.1调查
    • 3.2收集数据
    • 3.3绕组线圈
    • 3.4核心叠片结构
      • 3.4.1堆芯、拆装
      • 3.4.2堆叠核,组装
      • 3.4.3、绕芯、拆装
      • 3.4.4、缠绕铁芯,组装
    • 3.5连接
      • 3.5.1绕组的连接
      • 3.5.2外部连接
      • 3.5.3绝缘连接
    • 3.6领导
  • 第四节变压器维修
    • 4.1检查服务的适宜性
      • 4.1.1测试
      • 4.1.2设备检查
      • 4.1.3结果总结
      • 4.1.4装运准备
    • 4.2倒带
      • 4.2.检验、测试和评估
      • 4.2.2拆除
      • 4.2.3缠绕新线圈
      • 4.2.4重新组装
      • 4.2.5最后测试
      • 4.2.6装运准备
  • Appendix A Electrical 测试 安全 Considerations
    • A.1个人安全
      • A.1.1培训
      • A.1.2个人防护装备(PPE)
      • A.1.3监督
      • A.1.4 .急救和心肺复苏
    • A.2测试区域
      • A.2.1)外壳
      • A.2.2门
      • A.2.3迹象
      • A.2.4照明
      • A.2.5安全设备
      • A.2.6试验单元间隙
    • A.3待测单元
      • A.3.1测试的适用性
      • A.3.2只关注
      • A.3.3接地(接地)
      • A.3.4基
    • A.4测试板
      • A.4.1施工
      • A.4.2的电压
      • A.4.3警告灯
      • A.4.4断开
      • A.4.5安全开关
      • A.4.6领导
    • A.5、高电位地(地)试验
  • 附录B参考资料
    • 表b - 1. 绝缘电阻测试电压
    • 表b - 2. Temperature correction factors for dry-type transformer insulation resistance tests
    • 表酮. Recommended minimum insulation resistances for dry-type 变形金刚
    • 表b-4. Recommended test levels for dry-type transformer new windings
  • 参考书目
  • 标准组织 & 其他资源




从你的电机中获得最多 - coverThis 40-page booklet provides great advice for obtaining the longest, most efficient and cost-effective operation from general and definite purpose electric motors.


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  • 电机和基线安装数据
  • 电机铭牌怎么读
  • 电动机储存建议

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