原子力安全保安院的标志In 1933, 根据国家复兴法案(NRA), industries were required to establish and use codes of practice to bolster the national economy. Led by a group of electrical repair firms from Charlotte, 北卡罗莱纳, 23 firms from 8 southeastern states met on August 4, 1933, 在Bluefield, 西维吉尼亚州. 官员当选, 代表们开始敲定行业代码, and the 全国产业服务协会 was created.

For nearly three years the code was negotiated with the NRA. In May of 1935, the NRA was declared unconstitutional and so were NISA’s original objectives. 而不是解散, NISA members resolved to develop solutions to problems with competitors, 讨论计划和行动, and to learn from one another while enjoying friendly relations. Mutual help and cooperation in upgrading the industry became NISA’s new objective.

Early records indicate that the young organization grew quickly. The first chapter charters were granted in June of 1934, and in 1937 an “Associate” membership category was established for suppliers. (第一批准会员是约翰C. Dolph公司和Anaconda Copper.) By 1938 NISA had 117 members, some as far north as 加拿大.

Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)

EASA标志-先Responding to changes in the industry and to better represent its members’ activities, the Association adopted a new name effective April 1, 1962. After 28 years, NISA became the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA). 今天, EASA有32个分会和近1个分会,800 member firms (including approximately 150 Associate members) throughout the United States, 加拿大, 墨西哥和南美, 以及海外的英国, 欧洲, 澳大利亚, 新西兰和其他地方.

As the organization continued to grow and evolve domestically and internationally, 新的成员区域形成了. 1972年11月, 例如, a new region (Region 9) was established to serve members outside the North American Continent. Another (Region 10) was created on a provisional basis in February of 1984 to represent members in 澳大利亚, 新西兰, 香港, 菲律宾, Taiwan and neighboring countries; it was given final approval in June of 1988. 与此同时, several membership regions in the United States and 加拿大 were consolidated to provide more equitable representation for all members. EASA’s Board voted in 2000 to reduce the number of regions in the U.S. 从13到7. There are now 10 membership regions around the world.

NISA’s original constitution provided for four officers, a board of directors and an executive committee. During the early years, the officers, board members and executive committee handled all the work. 1938年,Stewart N. Clarkson was hired part-time as executive secretary; Fred N. Wipperman became the first full-time executive secretary in 1953; and August (Gus) Baechle served as executive vice president from 1961 - 1996. 今天,总裁兼首席执行官琳达. 雷恩斯领导着一个 19岁的员工, including 5 technical support specialists and 1 pump and vibration specialist, 欧洲航空安全局位于伦敦圣安东尼奥的国际总部. 路易斯,密苏里州.

NISA dues were originally $10 for firms with five or fewer employees and $25 for companies with more than five workers. These dues proved inadequate and during the early years contributions from members kept the Association in existence. EASA’s annual operating budget now exceeds $2,500,000.

今天, EASA serves members who sell and service electrical, electronic and mechanical apparatus by educating, informing and promoting the highest standards of performance and ethics for the benefit of the industry as a whole. 为了达到这个目标, EASA publishes a wide range of reference materials and articles and maintains a database containing the largest variety of motor winding data available anywhere.

EASA also provides engineering consulting services to members and works with manufacturers, industry organizations and government agencies to promote better repair standards and assure the highest quality professional service for customers. 除了, EASA sponsors numerous training and educational programs, 以及一年一度的会议和展览.


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